A Game For Nuggets (How To Play)


‘A Game For Nuggets’ contains 50 hilarious cards which are split into 7 categories. The game is designed to be played out - at the bar, on holiday or wherever you'd like. The pack is compact enough to slip right into any bag.


Rollercoasting (Truth) - Rollercoasting is where I share all my deepest and darkest secrets, now it's time for you to share yours.

Harry Says (Dare) - What Harry wants, Harry gets. Do the dare or take the forfeit.

Never Have I Ever - If you have, take a drink. Whoever thinks they have the funniest story, tell their story.

Would You Rather - Everybody votes on which one. The minority take a drink.

Who's Most Likely - Everybody in the group votes on who they think is the most likely. Whoever receives the most votes takes a drink.

Challenges - A brand new category. If you succeed, nominate somebody to down the rest of their drink. If you forfeit, down the rest of yours.

Megano's Mini Games - Megan has created a few hilarious mini-games to be played for one round (The time it takes to go around the group and back to you).